Fun Facts

When Heroes disbanded, everyone drifted to Sydney. Jim and Pete played as hired hands in the resident band at the City of Sydney RSL Club, The Devils. After 12 months they left to form the power pop trio, Smart Artists playing up to four gigs a week around Sydney. Fast forward a couple of lifetimes and they're still playing together in The Smarts.

The Star Hotel used to get so packed that punters at the back couldn't get to the bar. So in a move that was unique to the pub, $1 bills (remember them?) would be passed from hand to hand to the bar then a cold one sent back in the other direction. Classic Newie!

Our third bass player was a guy called Alan Cook. One day he brought an ok original song to rehearsal. The words were pretty tough but the feel was lame, so Tinno smashed it into shape, then the rest of us pulverized it until if felt like a Heroes tune. Alan's long gone from the band but The Star and the Slaughter lives on. Thanks, Cookie!

The idea of doing a new album was sparked by long-term fan Paul Newey over coffee with Pete at Good Brother. Pete was banging on about the good 'ol days and mentioned that he and Tinno had a bunch of new material. Paul said 'You should do a new album. I'll pay for the coffee! Ok.'

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